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Trespa Cladding Panel Supplier

Trespa Trespa panels with endless and enormous range of exterior decorative cladding designs, Trespa very unique patterns and also comes with a very long-lasting colours in a very high-end materials and finishes that promise compelling aesthetics.

Trespa exterior decorative cladding allowed you to create a perfect one-of-a-kind effect or simply look for other value-adding options to determine a distinctive look and underline your building’s qualities. Everything it’s now possible with Trespa® Meteon® Trespa is very stable and always installable.

Trespa panels are available in a various very unique sizes for minimal sawing loss and material use. Trespa panel are always installable and thanks to certified fastening methods

Trespa also comes in a different finish, such as Matt which featuring a very low sheen finish which creates a very smooth super-matt appearance with a dry hand. This is perfect for raw wood or stone patterns.

Trespa Matt Available on Naturals (including Naturals with Metallic Effect), and select Wood Decors.

Trespa also comes in a Rock. A very softly polished surface with a very slightly uneven clefts, reminiscent of those found in natural stone.Available on Uni Colours and Metallics.

Trespa also comes in Diffuse. Silky smooth to the touch, the Diffuse finish has a very low light reflectivity / reflection and no texture. Which mean the light is scattered, Trespa Diffuse creating a super-smooth, and super-matt surface. Available on all Lumen and Focus products.

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Trespa cladding

Trespa also comes in Specular. Trespa Specular high-gloss finish will deepen colours and reflect all its surroundings, Trespa Specular integrating buildings seamlessly into the environment.Available on all Lumen decors.

Trespa® Meteon allowed you to choose from high quality and discover the endless decors which Trespa offers. Where all the compelling including aesthetics and limitless design possibilities meet and become a reality.

Trespa® Meteon design comes to life with great materials and finishes. Aesthetically Appealing. Endless Possibilities. Trespa® Meteon® for Modern Cladding.

TRESPA® METEON® FOCUS textured surfaces provide a colours that merge very beautiful with a very unique designs that comes together with the Trespa® Meteon® Focus collection, Trespa® Meteon® Focus is inspired by the places around all around the world and brought to life for everyone to enjoy.

Trespa® Meteon® offers seven finishes which is not only give you a physical durability to High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels but also enrich decors with a very natural look and feel as well. Each Trespa® Meteon® finish is selected to enhance the Trespa® Meteon® product, whether it is a Trespa® Meteon® Uni Colour, Trespa® Meteon® Natural, Trespa® Meteon® Wood, Trespa® Meteon® Focus, Trespa® Meteon® Metallic or Trespa® Meteon® Lumen product. Trespa® Meteon® Finishes transform the surface which allowing you to play with colour, pattern and texture to achieve your architectural vision.

Trespa® Meteon® Metallics collection enables you to create an endless abstract variation, not just in very colourful but also in a structure and finishes, Trespa® Meteon® Metallics will always bring your very own designs to life with time and time all over again.

Trespa® Meteon® Wood collection is made with HPL panels for exterior decorative cladding that brings nature at its best. From very fresh and contemporary designs to very classic weathered looks, Trespa® Meteon® Wood allowed you to create a very distinctive designs that make details more eye-catching and façades even more standout.

Trespa Pura®M NFC is not just a very beautiful panel; it’s very durability which means you don't have to worry about it. The closed surface created by the Trespa’s proprietary Electron Beam Curing (EBC) which makes it very hard for any dirt to be build up by locking it out and colours in. Trespa Pura® NFC sidings’ high impact resistance which allows the building to be very safely withstand any daily wear and tear. Trespa Pura® NFC sidings will always keep their hues vibrant and your very own building exquisite.

TRESPA® METEON® LUMEN diffuse finish has a very low light reflectivity and is removes glossiness and texture, which will always arriving at the purest form. The result? Trespa® Meteon® Lumen exterior panels instant tranquillity, due to the scattered light that gives you the perfect façade smooth, subdued matt appearance.

Trespa® Meteon® Naturals collection is very inspired by the natural appearances and processes, Trespa® Meteon® Naturals allowing you to work and design with the true colours of nature. Corroded green. Verdigris tones. Weathered basalt.

Trespa® TopLab® Thanks to their very outstanding and very high quality and innovative design, laboratories using Trespa TopLab® have been recognized by most recent editions of the prestigious Lab of the Year Competition. The Trespa® TopLab® line also uses in-house Electron Beam Curing (EBC) technology to create a very closed surface that is very hygienic, sturdy and very easy to clean.

Trespa® Meteon® Uni Colours collection, allowed you to have a great colour palette to play with, Trespa® Meteon® Uni Colours collection also allowed you to creating a new dimensions and a new level of attractiveness for your project.