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Siniat Cement Board Supplier

Siniat can eliminate any of the need for a breather membrane which helping reduce the costs by taking all the stage out of the weather-tightness process. Siniat is also one of the leading manufacturers of interior and also exterior materials for drywall construction, Siniat forms part of the 60 very strong brand which including industrial group Etex. Siniat collaboration of proven brands which provides Siniat with all the resource of exceptional experience and also all the knowledge in the field of construction industries. This enables Siniat to provide a very high level of support for the most demanding projects and also recognise all the potential efficiencies with the introduction of new products and also construction methods.

Siniat Weather Defence™ is a revolutionary external sheathing board, Siniat Weather Defence™ faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection. Siniat Weather Defence™ is very strong, Siniat Weather Defence™ is highly moisture resistant and also Siniat Weather Defence™ is an A1 non-combustible.

Application: Siniat Weather Defence™ is suitable for external sheathing applications in steel, Siniat Weather Defence™ is also suitable for timber frame construction with rainscreen cladding, Siniat Weather Defence™ is suitable for insulated render or brick including block facade systems.

Siniat weather defence
Siniat board supplier


· There is no need for cutting area, power tools or dust extractor when using Siniat Weather Defence™ board
· Siniat Weather Defence™ can eliminate all the need for any breathable membrane, which will saving you time and reducing all your installed cost
· Siniat Weather Defence™ is double BBA certified
· Siniat Weather Defence™ is fully A1 non-combustible, Siniat Weather Defence™ compliant for structures above 18m.

Siniat Bluclad Board is a high-performance fibre cement board, Siniat Bluclad Board is for external applications. Siniat Bluclad Board can be used as a render carrier board on timber or metal frames and also for the upgrade of the existing masonry walls. Siniat Bluclad Board is also used as a carrier board for brick slips, and also Siniat Bluclad Board is suitable for ventilation façades on timber or metal frames.


• Siniat Bluclad Board is suitable as direct render carrier for any variety of thin coat polymeric renders
• Siniat Bluclad Board is external uses for fascias, and also bargeboard including sheathing applications.
• Siniat Bluclad Board is suitable for internal wall linings