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Rockpanel Cladding Supplier

Rockpanel Facades made from basalt: Rockpanel The starting point of our facade panelling is the natural raw material from which it is made: basalt. This volcanic rock forms the very basis of the stone wool facade cladding panels, which make Rockpanel product very unique. Rockpanel is very sustainable and very durable material. Rockpanel is naturally fire safe and all Rockpanel panels meet the strictest requirements for any structural fire safety and also Rockpanel offer optimum protection for the people and for environment.

Rockpanel also offers unlimited design with freedom to help you showcase your design and highlight the beauty and inspiration of your design. Rockpanel allowed you to focus on the design, as all the technical and functional requirements for Rockpanel cladding are already naturally built-in our facade boards.

Rockpanel Colours Let your facade cladding blend into the environment. Or just to emphasise the features in any urban setting. Rockpanel Colours let you enjoy complete freedom in the design of your own building – in almost any colour of your choice. For any colourfast decorative cladding statement, Rockpanel Colours will always be your perfect choice.

Rockpanel Colours Intense colours give profound effects of very depth through layering and conveying a sense of spaciousness and also a very dynamic change. Are you still looking to create a façade that’s even more striking, then look no further because Rockpanel Colours has everything you need.?

Rockpanel Stones Solid as a rock, yet highly flexible. Rockpanel Stones panels offer you all the best of both worlds: Rockpanel Stones cladding panel they look just like a stone and yet have the same fire-resilient qualities, but Rockpanel Stones cladding panel can also be bent and curved. Once you’ve curved and placed Rockpanel Stones cladding panel in the way you like, you don’t have to worry about any shrinking or expanding. Rockpanel Stones cladding panel do not respond to any changes in temperature or moisture or to any dimensional stability for the years to come is guaranteed. This will allows you to use a very narrow joints.

Rockpanel supplier
Rockpanel cladding supplier

Rockpanel Woods will always give your building a very natural and harmonious feel with Rockpanel Woods. Rockpanel Woods cladding panel are manufactured through a very careful and innovative production process, all Rockpanel Woods look just like real wood.

With Rockpanel Woods, the properties of wood and stone are combined to create a very unique product with the authentic look and workability of wood and the durability including the robustness and also the fire resilience of stone.

Rockpanel Metals The age of the industrial revolution is long gone, but the style are still remains. Rockpanel Metals are more popular than ever, even in residential buildings are opting for this hard-working industrial look of Rockpanel Metals.

Give your building an extra shine and lustre with the contemporary and industrial finish of Rockpanel Metals decorative cladding. Rockpanel Metals metallic sheen plays with the light to create an unexpected colours and effects. Rockpanel Metals comes in a very multiple high-grade designs and gives any facade cladding an elegant and sophisticated look.

Rockpanel Chameleon allowed you to transform your building into an eye-catching feature that is constantly changing, Rockpanel Chameleon always striking and inspiring. Just change your position around the facade. Rockpanel Chameleon colour will never be the same, no matter how long you look at the building. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed and the effect of the sunlight, the surface of the Rockpanel Chameleon exterior facade changes.

Rockpanel Natural The true beauty of a facade is sometimes quite puristic. Rockpanel Natural allowed you to be brave – let the sun, wind and rain play their part. Without applying any painting or surface sealer, Rockpanel Natural which will always allow the elements to take an active role in your facade.

Rockpanel Natural allowed your building to fits organically into its surroundings, in an interactive way from day one. When you're looking for a unique and innovative facade, Rockpanel Natural decorative exterior cladding might just be exactly what you need.

Rockpanel Lines2 allowed you to reinterpret the very classic tongue and groove profile. Rockpanel Lines² is very versatile and very durable and is also very easy to maintain and very cost-effective. Rockpanel Lines² panels are available in a various very different colours in the Lines² S and Lines² XL versions and in a very two different widths to choose from.

Rockpanel Brilliant exterior cladding panel range is at the cutting edge of a very contemporary design. Rockpanel Brilliant exterior cladding panel range available in 16 different bright and aesthetically pleasing colours for you to choose from, Rockpanel Brilliant exterior cladding panel the range provides plenty of opportunity to use the imagination. Rockpanel Brilliant exterior cladding panel also allowed you to combine various colours to create a very unique designs that will sparkle in the light and harmonise with the surrounding environment in the evening.

Rockpanel Ply is the exact colour you would like for any of your design project which is not available in any other range, Rockpanel Ply will always allowed you to accentuate even the smallest detail of the building? Rockpanel Ply gives you all the freedom to express yourself in any colour you choose to have. Rockpanel Ply is very durable, sturdy base for your desired colour, and at the same time Rockpanel Ply is a sustainable alternative to wood.

Rockpanel Uni gives all the building a very fresh and very high-quality look. Rockpanel Uni cladding panel are available in a several RAL colours, this makes Rockpanel Uni cladding panel a perfect match for any of your other building materials. If you’re looking for a product with a lot of functionality then Rockpanel Uni cladding panel will always be the perfect choice.

Rockpanel Premium All eyes on your façade! Rockpanel Premium is the very best you can ever have within the Rockpanel range, Rockpanel Premium is available to be customised to your needs. Rockpanel Premium A2 boards do not only enable you to have a Concealed Fixing which is also known as secret fixing, but Rockpanel Premium panels also offer you optimum fire safety (Euroclass A2-s1,d0) and this make it very possible to have a span of up to 750mm.