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Fundermax Compact Panel Supplier In The UK

Fundermax materials for exterior applications Weather resistant, scratch resistant, and impact resistant and very lightfast are just some of the properties that high-pressure laminates for exterior application use should have. The exterior versions of the Fundermax Compact Exterior categories are classified as Bs2, d0 or also Bs1, d0 according to the EN 135011 which is standard and can be described as flame retardant, while Fundermax m.look is assigned to class A2s1, d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard which can also be described as non-combustible.

In addition, the very wide variety of available Fundermax decors open up a whole world of creativity and design options for everyone. With the Fundermax Compact and Fundermax m.look panels, Fundermax also offers a very high-quality materials that meet even the most highest requirements.

Fundermax Interior: which is very versatile high-pressure laminates and chipboard panels. Wood as a very natural resource and very sustainably which generated energy are primarily used in Fundermax production. The wide variety of decors and surfaces opens up for a very unique design and for plenty of options for creative solutions.

Fundermax exterior Sky (NY) specifically for exterior decors and in instances where you want to create distinctive and convincing stone/concrete like finishes. The very unique surface which will always allow you to achieve the very best in terms of visual depth and also the texture.

Fundermax m.look sources of inspiration for exterior applications with m.look Exterior. From exterior cladding to fence elements

Fundermax panels
Fundermax cladding

Fundermax m.look properties such as robustness and resistance to climate, UV radiation and weathering characterize m.look Exterior panels. Fundermax non-combustible high-pressure laminates are tested according to the EN 438-2 standard which is also assigned to a fire protection class A2s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1. In addition, it is the numerous decors which contribute to the versatility of the HPL panels.

Non-bearing, rear-ventilated walls

Panel elements for non-bearing walls

Balcony cladding


Cover for sandwich panel walls

Sliding elements

Sun protection

Fence elements

Window and door panels


Exterior cladding for prefabricated wood elements

Fundermax Max Exterior F-Quality Rainscreen Cladding with NT surface is available in large format panels for cladding balconies and building facades. Through the use of double-hardened resin.

Fundermax Max Exterior F-Quality Cladding Panels are extremely weather resistant, scratch resistant and solvent resistant. They feature a very high levels of tensile strength and elasticity which combine to make these Fundermax Max Exterior F-Quality decorative cladding panels extremely strong and give to the boards including a very high impact resistance too.

Fundermax Max Exterior (NG/NT) Max Compact Exterior panels for a variety of application ideas. Fundermax Compact Exterior panels which are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) and according to the EN 4386 standard, type EDF. Fundermax weather protection which also consists of double-cured acrylic polyurethane resins. Moreover, Fundermax F-quality panels are also classified as fire class Bs2, d0 or also Bs1, d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard.

The use of Fundermax Compact Authentic panels which creates a very particularly natural overall impression. Another product from Fundermax which specialty from the Max Compact Exterior catalog is the balcony floor panel. Fundermax Hexa surface which makes the panels very extremely non-slip and also a weather resistant.

Optics AND haptics combined? Then Fundermax offers which also offer a perfect solution with the very special surface Sky. Selected decors from the very plain as well as from material group which can be produced in this surface structure.

Fundermax Max Exterior Hexa (NH) Specifically for compact panels. With a very deep studded structure, this surface which will always ensures a safety – in both visual and also entirely practical terms. The texture has a very particularly good grip and consequently offers a non-slip base for any potentially wet areas – such as any balcony floors including terraces and footbridges or steps. At the very same time, this also provides you with optimum protection, and in particularly against any weathering, for any of the decor versions that creative users could ever be desire – so that their visual strengths will always be appreciated in full under all conditions.