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Cembrit Cempanel Cement Particle Board Supplier

Cembrit is a strong, Cembrit is very durable and Cembrit is impact resistant homogeneous cement particle board, Cembrit is for external facade applications, and Cembrit is far superior to timber panels. Cembrit combines the strength of cement and also with the flexibility of wood. Cembrit also has combination of chips and cement which creates a Cembrit board that is very stronger and yet but also lighter than plasterboard, and Cembrit is arguably less likely to be damaged on site. Cembrit Cempanel is also used as the internal skin of the external wall in façade and also in rainscreen cladding systems. Cembrit can be painted and also Cembrit can be left in its natural grey colour. Cembrit as it is composed of very natural materials and also Cembrit would resist any rot and fungus. Cembrit is an ideal carrier board for an insulated render. Cembrit Cempanel which also combines the value for money with environmental awareness, making Cembrit ideal for contemporary buildings.

Cembrit Cempanel cement particle board Class “A2” cement particle board, Cembrit Cempanel has excellent impact and fire including acoustic properties. Cembrit Cempanel has a very strong durability, Cembrit Cempanel consistently high manufacturing tolerances and Cembrit Cempanel lack of need for wet trades which makes Cembrit Cempanel ideal for off-site and also for modular construction. Cembrit Cempanel (cement particle board) is superior to timber and plasterboard panel, Cembrit Cempanel products when used as internal linings on rainscreen cladding projects (sheathing), Cembrit Cempanel general purpose external boarding or for floors and studwork interior walls. Cembrit Cempanel is both stronger and also Cembrit Cempanel is less absorbent than timber and plasterboard, Cembrit Cempanel high cement and also alkaline content which make Cembrit Cempanel resists insect and fungal attack.

Cembrit Multi-purpose is stronger than plasterboard, and Cembrit Multi-purpose can be used externally. Cembrit Multi-purpose with a dry density of 1300 kg/m³, multi-purpose can also accept alkali resistant paint, and Cembrit Multi-purpose will accept emulsion without the need for a primer coat. Multi-purpose can also accept bonded mineral or any polystyrene insulation. Cembrit Multi-purpose is a versatile building board which is suitable for internal and also semi exposed applications.

Cembrit Permabase is lightweight and also Cembrit Permabase is easy to cut and lift. Mechanical cutting Cembrit Permabase is not required. Cembrit Permabase is reinforced and also Cembrit Permabase tapered edges facilitate butt jointed fixing for a stable, Cembrit Permabase is crack free base which making Cembrit PB a very popular for external decorative rendering, Cembrit Permabase is suitable for brick slips or stone slip cladding. Cembrit PB which can also be used as an element within internal fire rated partition walls and also for ceilings. Cembrit PB is easy to lift and work. Cembrit Permabase unlike other cementitious or calcium silicate boards, with Cembrit Permabase no specialist blades or fixings required. Cembrit PB can easily cut by scribing and breaking. Cembrit Permabase cut edges are generally clean and do not require sanding. No need for mechanical cutting tools for Cembrit Permabase, or any dust extraction equipment. Cembrit PB can also be nailed or screw fixed close to reinforced tapered edges. Cembrit Permabase can also be used in fire-rated internal wall partition assemblies.

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cembrit cempanel
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Cembrit Windstopper Basic has a very low vapour transmission resistance, Cembrit Windstopper Basic enabling moisture from inside the building to pass through. The unique Cembrit Windstopper Basic manufacturing process does not include compressing resulting, Cembrit Windstopper Basic in a naturally rough surface. In consequence, Cembrit Windstopper Basic insulation can be placed directly against the inner side of the Cembrit Windstopper Basic board.

Cembrit Windstopper Extreme is a very breathable sheathing board with a 60/60 fire rating. Cembrit Windstopper Extreme board's composition is designed to absorb and also to release moisture without affecting the durability of Cembrit Windstopper extreme strength or performance of the board. Windstopper Extreme is available in 2 different thicknesses 9mm and 4.5mm. the very lightweight 4.5mm can be scored and snapped making for rapid, Cembrit Windstopper Extreme is dust-free installation and Cembrit Windstopper Extreme is ideal as a temporary cladding.

Cembrit HD (Heavy Duty) is an external building board, Cembrit HD is suitable for agriculture and construction. Cembrit HD can be used as a fully exposed rainscreen cladding, and also Cembrit HD can be use as a panel or infill including fascia or soffit due to Cembrit HD weather resistance. Cembrit HD (Cembrit Construction) plates are untreated and Cembrit HD appear with a natural raw expression. Cembrit HD plates have all the option to be either left untreated, Cembrit HD can also be painted with diffusion open masonry and concrete paint. Cembrit HD make ideal solutions for interior design due to Cembrit HD applicability in more demanding environments.

Cembrit Multi Force building boards are among the most fundamental components of any modern construction. Cembrit Multi Force ability to protect and shield the building and also the assets inside, is what makes Cembrit Multi Force boards, essential to sustainable buildings. Cembrit Multi Force is a very high-performance building board like Cembrit Multi Force which offers applications where requirements cannot be met by commonly used gypsum or wood building boards. Cembrit Multi Force building boards are used in many varied locations and Cembrit Multi Force has wide-scale applications across market segments. Cembrit Multi Force covers everything from weather barriers on a private houses to a fire barriers on a very high-rise buildings.