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Aquapanel Cement Board Supplier

Knauf AQUAPANEL® built on experience in a fast-changing world, Knauf AQUAPANEL® Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology delivers creativity, Knauf AQUAPANEL® provide certainty and complete peace of mind whatever the building type – Knauf AQUAPANEL® can be used for any building type from offices and high-rise residential accommodation through to hospitals and stadia.

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is manufactured from inorganic materials, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is highly resistant to water and mould, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor weighs only 11 kg per square metre - making AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor easy to handle and fast to install. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor with outstanding flexibility compared to alternative products, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is suitable for use with curved walls and ceilings too.


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is a genuine one-stop solution for innovative interior walls and also for the ceilings in a very wet and humid areas.

Aquapanel building board
Aquapanel supplier

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor different system performances based on sound insulation and also fire protection including an impact resistance which allow the application of AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor in a wide range of different buildings, such as sports halls and also gymnasiums to schools and museums including hospitals, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor can also be used for public buildings and luxury hotels including apartments. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor wide range of applications include:

• Communal and public showers including bathroom areas
• Changing rooms
• Swimming pools and hot tubs
• Steam saunas
• Operating theatres
• Industrial kitchens


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor technologically advanced building system that is perfectly integrates with the whole range of Knauf products and accessories, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor which has been designed to be the very ultimate solution for all the wet rooms and other wet or humid areas.

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor. Knauf Exterior Wall comes in two basic types: drywall, or also as a rear-ventilated rainscreen facade. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor therefore offers an extremely flexible and also AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor is adaptable solution which can always accommodate an impressive range of designs, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor opening up new architectural possibilities AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor helping to turn vision into reality, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor whether it’s being used to create commercial or even for high-rise residential buildings. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor can also be used for sports arenas or healthcare establishments. Truly, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor are changing the way the world builds.

Knauf Exterior Wall – rear-ventilated rainscreen façade. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor with rainscreen facades cladding for use above solid substructures such as brick or concrete, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor thermal insulation is separated from the weather protection materials, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor ensuring a constant flow of air in the ventilated space, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor remove moisture from the building and to optimise indoor climate. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outdoor even if the facade is damaged, the insulation will remain intact.